Dr M.C. Matheus, a clinician, author and academic; established the Grendel Green Institute in 1995. A clinic devoted solely to assisting patients adversely affected by their time spent working in the creative industries.

Through a process of deep psychoanalysis, Dr. Matheus and his team pare an artistic practice down to its gestational roots. Bringing to light the active causes of this self-destructive behaviour. Now, for the first time, this service is being made available online. All it takes are images of your last solo exhibition, a brief account of your artistic process, and description of any dependencies, whether they be emotional or pharmacological. And, in just a few short weeks, your Analysis Report will be available. If you select our Premium Plus Package, you receive an additional 1-hour web conference with a trained clinician to help you process the findings of your report.    

Do you want to be able to look loved ones in the eye and tell them you are doing something constructive and rewarding with your life? Lose that sense of shame.

Quit art now!

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"Art is an act of self-deception by a dissatisfied self."


The ‘Matheus Method' is a dynamic treatment programme. Utilizing a variety of traditional and experimental techniques, this intervention is designed to promote intellectual insight into repressed psychological conflicts.

Our program is characterised by a detailed examination of a patient's artistic creations, working methodologies, and individual histories. From this, expert clinicians construct a psychological model which is used to formulate your Analysis Report.

Within this framework, art is viewed as a toxic pathology. An irrational impulse stemming from a trauma or imbalance. Recognizing this is the first step in a patient's recovery journey. This can be a daunting undertaking. However, our team is dedicated to guiding you through this process, focused on reducing the likelihood of artistic recidivism.

Your recovery is our only priority.

Not all artistic practitioners are suitable for treatment. Individuals driven exclusively by financial or social incentives are categorised as ‘AE' Artistic Entrepreneurs, or ‘TA' Transactional Actors - depending on the severity of inauthenticity. 

Our clinic is unable to treat AE/TA patients.

If your submission is classified as such, there will be no charge and a list of alternative wellness centres will be provided.

"Arts rhetoric of freedom obscures its mechanisms of control "


Quintin Norb
43, Dublin

“Thanks to the Grendel Green Institute I've been clean for 10 years now. My personal hygiene has improved, I can eat solid foods again and my father in law doesn't hate me. It has been a complete revelation."

Malisa Shackleton
36, New York

“If I had to go to one more gratuitous art opening and listen to the musings of those small eyed pretentious fucktards I'd have picked up a knife from the cheese plater and opened myself up right there."

Anastasia Summer
50, Sydney

“The best art therapy is no art. Thanks Dr Matheus, you showed me the way!"

Danton Brown
32, London

“I was a wreck when I came to Grendel Green. Labouring for some art-star in his vacuous culture factory, getting paid less than a cleaner while he printed money. All the while lying to myself that one day I'll get to make my own work. Now I run a successful marketing company and I occasionally go to his studio in Hackney and spray paint dicks on the walls. Pretty happy actually.”

Samantha Renick’s interview with Dr. M.C. Matheus - here

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